Box Sales, Rentals, Leases and Quantity Discounts

All sales are covered by our standard 6-Month Limited Warranty. (Click here for details.)

Purchase: We sell our products as "Boxed Sales" by any legal method, cash, credit, money-order, check, purchase order or credit-card.

Rental: We rent our equipment with a three month minimum rental period. We charge a non-refundable fee and a per-month rental fee. Rentals can be economically converted to lease or purchase. Please contact our Sales representative for particular details for your conversion.

Lease: We offer a 10% down, ZERO-Interest, 12 month finacing plan for the balance. You own the system at the completion of the plan. Please contact our Sales representative for particular details.

Combinations: We understand that cash flow, project funding and capital asset purchases imply flexibility in purchase agreements. We are here to encourage your acquisition of the weighing and data management technology your project requires and we intend to provide those solutions at a cost and process which serves both you and us. Ask us what we can do for your project and budget.

Typical Example of Product Offering:

Basic No-Frills Hydraulic Weighing System (Installation, un-install, freight and handling at buyer's expense.)

Option 1. Straight Sale - $1,050.00 ("Boxed Sale" Liberty-3 Indicator, Hydraulic Transducer and 1/4" NPT thread adapter, "Forever" 24-7 Telephone Tech Support, 6-Month Limited Warranty) (Click here for Warranty details)

Option 2. Rental, 3 month minimum, month-by-month after 3 months. Deposit $240 (non-refundable) with contract, $80 per month from 4th month until return or conversion to lease or purchase.

Option 3. Zero-Interest Payment Plan, 12 month repayment period, 12 equal payments of purchase balance. 10% payment (non-refundable) with contract.

Option 4. Rent, Lease or Combination of rent and lease with conversion to sale. Please discuss this option with our Sales representative.

The intent of our options for purchase is to allow you, our client, to define your technical solution and receive that solution at a cost which facilitates a flexible transaction and optimal technical acquisition.

In some cases a capital purchase is not desired and a rental or lease program can be more effective for cash management and tax considerations. Our offer of optional straight purchase, rental and lease provides opportunities for economic and performance test and optimization.

Quantity Discounts: Contact us and we will probably find a plan which serves both your technical and economic requirements.