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Typical Voltage Converter
Franklin Power Converter Graphic

Input Voltage: 24 Vdc to 48 Vdc   Power: 25 Watts nom.
Input Protection: TVA semiconductor clamp
Output Voltage Specified at Order: 3Vdc to 36Vdc
Output Current = 25W (nom)/Output Voltage (25W/5V Output = 5A (nom)
Output Power depends upon heat dissipation by cast aluminum case.

Rule of thumb is that the hottest part of the case may be cool to warm,
but not uncomfortable to touch. (Allow five minutes for case to warm.)
Typical Converter Dimensions
Franklin Outline

The Franklin Series Power Converters are designed for primarily industrial truck weighing system and accessory applications. These applications generally require less than an Ampere at 6 to 18Vdc during 95% of their operation. In a few applications, for example Receipt and Barcode printers, peak current demands may approach 7 Amperes for 1/10 second to several seconds. Therefore, if your application includes high-current demands, please review the High-Peak Current models.

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Last Revision 14 August, 2014