Liberty-3 Scale Indicator

Liberty-3 Indicator Photo
  • Large LCD Display
  • Weighing Units: lb, kg
  • RS232 Data Port
  • Calibration Units: lb, kg
  • Divisions Options
  • Capacity Option
  • Auto backlight (selectable)


                               Indicator Specification

Capacity (lb/kg) Up to 99999 Displayed Number
Graduations (lb/kg) 0.001 - 10
Weighting modes lb, kg
Operating temperature 0-40 degrees Centigrade
Stabilization time 2 to 3 seconds
Auto-zero tracking 0.6 divisions
Span calibration weight Recommended weight equal or greater than 75% of capacity
Load cell excitation 5V DC
Load cell input sensitivity 1 - 3 mV/V
Load cell drive 4350 ohm load cells
Display LCD, 25.4mm (1 inch) Character Height
Keyboard 5 Function keys
Power External 6Vdc to 13.8Vdc; Internal 4xAA; Optional Rechargable GelCell
Overall dimensions  21.8 cm W 8.8 cm D 10.8 cm H

Last Revision 20 August, 2011