Onboard Lift Truck and Forklift
Economy Hydraulic Fork Scale and Weighing System

Model LTWS-1 Patriot Check-Weigh System

Economy Model
Static Weighing
Hydraulic Forklift Scale

  • Easy Installation
  • Accuracy 98 - 99%
*Installation and on-site Calibration extra   

American Forklift Scales hydraulic Lift Truck and Forklift scales
are designed to measure the load weight when the load has been picked up.

Washdown Capable Also Available

Economy Model
Static Weighing
Hydraulic Forklift Scale

GSE 250 Indicator and Sensor

General Features

Most user-friendly system available with built-in troubleshooting diagnostics and our toll-free technical support line.
Load Sensors made from ISO 9000 17.4 Stainless Steel using only temperature compensated strain gage technology.
System is designed to work in the harshest environments, dependably and accurately.
Accurate and requires on average only 2 hours for installation.
Accumulation feature allows operators to either count up for total or display single load weight.
Remote Accumulator Switch accessory available.
RS232 Printer accessory available providing for date, time and accumulated, loaded weight.
Technical Features

Input Power - Voltage: 12Vdc +/-5%
Input Power - Current/Amps: Maximum: 500mA 
Input Power - Current/Amps: Nominal: 100mA + 30mA per 350 Ohm transducer
Excitation Voltage: 5Vdc
Maximum Transducers: Four (4)
350 Ohm Transducers
Operating Temperature: 14F to104F
(10C to 40C)
Display Technology: 5 1/2 digit LCD 3/4" height
Control Panel Key Functions: lb/kg. Zero, Net/Gross, Tare, Print
Serial Port: Full Duplex RS-232 format
Housing Material: ABS
Weight: 1 lb. 6oz.
Shipping Weight: 2 lb. 4oz.
Options and Accessories:
  • Impact Receipt Printer
  • Datalogger for Time/Date/Weight collection.w/USB Cable Download (More)
  • Remote Switch for Accumulator Function (More)
  • 12Vdc Battery Line Conditioner (More)
  • 24-48 Vdc to 12Vdc Voltage-Converter for 24/36/48 Volt Trucks (More)