Scales and Weighing Systems

The key to offering affordable, efficient and effective products is to bring together generalized, mass-produced products and small production specialized products for particular purposes.
Our products are partly purchased and partly manufactured by our sub-contractors to accomplish this goal of performance and economy.

Our scales, systems and supporting products are intended to bring the economic and management benefits of electronic weighing in an affordable form to the average small operator.

Hydraulic Pressure Weighing Systems:  Low Cost, Check Weighing

   LTWS-1 Patriot Model; Liberty-3 No-Frills Model; Liberty-5 Full Feature Model
These scales convert the hydraulic pressure require to lift or suspend a load to a displayed weight.

Scales based upon hydraulic pressure are the universal remedy for lifting and loading check-weigh applications.

These systems consist of essentially a digital display, a pressure transducer and a conversion circuit to convert pressure signals to weight displays.

Advantages are low cost and simple installation.

Accuracy and repeatability at best are within +/- 1 or 2% of the rated capacity of the system and may exceed 5%, depending upon operation and conditions.

The primary disadvantage of hydraulic weighing systems is that the repeatability and accuracy are highly dependent upon machine operation.

Instrumented Forks: Best accuracy, Convenient Fork Change

   Liberty-4 Instrumented Forks; Liberty-7 Instrumented Front Forks
These scales utilize load-cells for direct measurement and display of weight on the forks, similar to a standard floor scale.

Instrumented forks are the mobile equivalent of a standard floor scale and provide very accurate weighing for many applications.

These forks mount on standard 16 inch rails and replace your standard forks.

Advantages are accuracy, repeatability and ease of  interchangeability from one truck to another, or swapping between measuring forks and standard forks.

Disadvantages are higher cost, thicker, "fatter" forks" and increased susceptibility to physical damage.

Bolt-on Weighing Systems: Best accuracy, Standard Forks

   Liberty-11 Hanging Fork System
These scales are complete, unitized and fully integrated weighing systems which either replace the fork carriage or bolt on to the fork carriage.

The Bolt-On system may use custom forks or standard forks.

Accuracy of the Bolt-On systems are very good, normally within +/- 0.1% ~0.2% accuracy and repeatability of load weight.

Disadvantages are higher cost, nominal loss of total lift capacity, relatively permanent installation and increased vulnerability to physical damage.